After Sir Joshua Reynolds

A pair of Viennese porcelain twin handled vases and covers, c.1880-1900, each vase of elongated tapering form with cerise ground, richly gilded with stylised flowers, cream and gilt cartouches and decorated to the body, each with a scene after Sir Joshua Reynolds, reserved within a gilt and turquoise 'jewelled' border, underglaze blue "beehive" mark and titles of images to base, 41.5cm.

The colours are totally different from Reynolds's original oils as the images are copied from 18th century black and white mezzotint engravings and the artist who decorated the vases has made up his own colours. The left image is taken from "Reddere Personae scit convenientia cuique" [known as Garrick between Tragedy and Comedy] engraved by Edward Fisher and published in 1762 and the right image is taken from "The Hon.ble Mrs. Beresford. Mrs.Gardiner. The Right Hon:ble Anne Viscountess Townshend", engraved by Thomas Watson and published in 1776 and republished in 1784 with the title "Three Graces Decorating Hymen". There was a large export trade in English prints in the 18th century.

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