A few of the nearly 700 objects in the collection
Lady Charlotte Fitzwilliam
The first print published after Sir Joshua Reynolds, a mezzotint by James McArdell, 1754, the only print published by Reynolds himself, with an unrecorded state
Lady Fenoulhet
A mezzotint by James McArdell, an unrecorded unfinished working proof, touched (i.e.corrected) by Sir Joshua Reynolds
Mrs. Hartley
A mezzotint by Giuseppe Marchi, an early unrecorded unfinished working proof engraved in the studio of Sir Joshua Reynolds and under his supervision
Cupid and Psyche
A mezzotint by Wiliam Say, a fine impression printed in colours. There is also a black white proof impression in the collection.
The Hon.ble Mrs. Beresford. Mrs.Gardiner. The Right Hon:ble Anne Viscountess Townshend. ("The Montgomery Sisters")
A mezzotint by Thomas Watson, an unrecorded early proof state
A pair of Viennese porcelain twin handled vases and covers, and a smaller single vase,c. 1880-1900, painted with scenes copied from mezzotints after Reynolds of Garrick (see print below) and the Montgomery Sisters (see print above)
What avails ingenuous Worth, Spritely Wit, or noble Birth?
and Melt to Love the yielding Fair, teach her not to give Despair.
A pair of unrecorded fan prints, printed in colours, copied from other prints after Reynolds
"Sir Joshua Reynolds P.R.A."
An unrecorded 18th century wax portrait of Reynolds by T.R.Poole
Reddere Personae scit convenientia cuique.[Garrick between Tragedy and Comedy]
A mezzotint by Edward Fisher, an early proof impression